Key Information about the District

Organized: 1950 under Title 52 Revised Code of Washington
Elected Board of Fire Commissioners: Bob Elliot, Kenon Simmons and Frank Mestemachrer (District Secretary Kay Cope)

Administrative Staff

Fire Chief, EFO: H.L. “Rusty” Palmer
Deputy Chief/Operations: Mike Cotton
Deputy Chief/Training & Safety:
 Wendy Moffatt
Deputy Chief/Resources:
Jon Beck

Fire Prevention Officer: To be announced
Finance Officer: Kay Cope
Records Manager: Vicki Lange
Administrative Specialist: Kelly McDonald

Emergency Phone Number: 9 1 1
Radio Frequency: Channel 1 = 154.430 Channel 2 = 154.75
Dispatch: I-COM
Board meets: 2nd Thursday each month, 5:30PM, Station 31, 5535 Cameron Road
District Area: – 66 Sq. Miles, 57 Miles of shoreline
Station locations: 31-Freeland, 32-Clinton, 33-Maxwelton, 34-Langley, 35-Saratoga, 36-Bayview
Personnel Assignment: 14 members per station (Max.)
Firefighter/EMT’s: 46 Members
Firefighters: 12 Members
EMTs: 14 Members
District Population: Permanent = 15,000 Daily Effective Population = 25,000  (est.) 9,940 Registered Voters
Assessed Valuation of property within District: $3,719,956,307.00
District Funding: Regular tax levy
Levy rate: $0.61 per $1,000 of assessed value
Emergency Apparatus: 9 Engines and 5 Water Tenders. The District also operates 1 Medical Support Vehicle, 1 Light-Rescue, 3 EMS Response Vehicles, 1 Rescue Boat, 1 personal watercraft, 3 support vehicles, 3 utility vehicles, and 5 staff vehicles.
Total Pumping Capacity: 11,250 GPM from rated engines and 3,000 GPM from rated tenders.
WSRB Fire Insurance Rating: Class 6, with hydrant credit on residential structures except the City of Langley which is a Class 5

Washington State Audit

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Customer Survey 2008-2009

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Emergency Medical System Evaluation

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South Whidbey Fire/EMS continues to be guided by our Strategic Plan. The plan was officially adopted by the Fire Commissioners and put into action on February 8, 2007. More than just a document, this plan serves as a dynamic road map to help guide the critical planning decisions we make on behalf of the local community. The plan drives the decision making so that we can continue to provide a high level of service at a minimal taxpayer cost. We are updating the plan this year to help guide us into the future.

The District operates on one of the lowest tax rates in the state and with good planning we will continue to provide the best service possible with the tax dollars we receive. We encourage you to read the current Strategic Plan and invite you to learn more about how to participate in the activities of South Whidbey Fire and Rescue.
Click to Download: Our Strategic Plan

Download: Our Strategic Plan Timeline & Progress Report