Organized: 1950 under Title 52 Revised Code of Washington
Elected Board of Fire Commissioners: Mike Noblet, Savannah Erickson & Jim Towers


Fire Chief, EFO: Nick Walsh
Deputy Chief/Resources: Jon Beck
Deputy Chief/Operations: Terry Ney
Division Chief/Training & Safety:
Joseph Dilley

Finance Officer: 
Linda Mazares
Records Manager: Vicki Lange
Administrative Specialist: Kelly McDonald
Maintenance Technician: Jake Greve
IT Specialist:
Michael Hastings
Fire Mechanic:
Alex Carlson

Fire Prevention Officer: Lieutenant Alex McMahon
First Aid coordinator: Firefighter/EMT Robert Husom
Car Seat Safety seat program coordinator: Karley Diffie

Emergency Phone Number: 9 1 1
Radio Frequency: Dispatch “Fire 1”: 154.430, Operations “Fire 3”: 154.175
Dispatch: I-COM

Board meets: 2nd Thursday each month, 5:30PM, Bayview Fire Station, 5579 Bayview Road, Langley, WA 98260. Meetings are virtual until further notice

District Area: – 66 Sq. Miles, 57 Miles of shoreline
Station locations: 31-Freeland32-Clinton33-Maxwelton34-Langley35-Saratoga36-Bayview
Paid Firefighters/EMTs: 9 Members
Volunteer Firefighters/EMTS: 9 Members
Volunteer EMTS: 13 Members
Volunteer Firefighters: 2 Members

District Population: Permanent = 15,000 Daily Effective Population = 25,000  (est.) 9,940 Registered Voters
Assessed Valuation of property within District: $5,645,229,058.00
District Funding: Regular tax levy
Levy rate: $0.95 per $1000 as assessed value

Emergency Apparatus:  7-Class A Type 1 Pumpers, 1-Type 5 Brush Engine, 1-Type 6 Brush Engine, 2-2800 gallon Water Tenders, 3-2500 gallon Water Tenders, 1-Type 3, 35’ Fire Boat, 1-RIB Rescue Boat, 1-Light Rescue, 1-Light and Air, 3-Aid Vehicles, 5-Command Vehicles, 1-Rehab Unit, 3-MCI Trailers, 1-HazMat/Decon Trailer, 3-Utility Vehicles, and 1-Youth Training Smoke House Trailer.

Total Pumping Capacity:  14,000 GPM (11,500 GPM from firefighting apparatus, 3.500 GPM from water tenders).

WSRB Fire Insurance Rating: Class 7, with hydrant credit on residential structures except the City of Langley which is a Class 6










The District operates on one of the lowest tax rates in the state and with good planning we will continue to provide the best service possible with the tax dollars we receive. We encourage you to read the current Strategic Plan and invite you to learn more about how to participate in the activities of South Whidbey Fire and Rescue.

Click to DownloadOur Strategic Plan (2020-2025)