Fire Chief Available to Give Presentations

Fire Chief Nick Walsh welcomes the opportunity to give a presentation and answer any questions. Please contact him at 360-321-1533 or Thank you!

Another Animal Rescue

Yesterday afternoon just before 4:00, SWFE responded at the request of ICSO to a cow stuck in the mud off of Maxwelton Rd. Our crews spent several hours working with members of the public to extricate the cow from her predicament, where she had been stuck at least since early morning. We were able to dig down and get a strap under her chest, and then using a neighbor’s tractor and some sheets of plywood, pull her out of the mud onto solid ground. A large animal veterinarian arrived to assess the cow, and administer some IV fluids, which really perked her up. When we left the scene around 8:00 last night, she was up on her chest and munching hay.

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Fire Chief Palmer retires after 46 years of service

On April 1, 2022, South Whidbey Fire/EMS H.L. “Rusty” Palmer will retire after 46 years of a career devoted to serving the community, the past 12 years serving this one.

When Palmer was young, his parents taught him that a life of service is the most rewarding way to live. Both of his parents led by example. In fact, his father served in the Army for 40 years, and was a volunteer firefighter.

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South Whidbey Fire/EMS welcomes new members

Three of the members, Hunter Corbett, Kirsti Ranta and Trevor Mollenkopf, are “lateral” volunteers which means they are already qualified firefighters and will not need to repeat the fire academy. Corbett and Ranta both work for private ambulance companies and received their firefighter training through Everett Community College. They will volunteer out of Station 36 – Bayview. Mollenkopf works for the Seattle Fire Department and will volunteer out of Station 32 – Clinton.

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