Become a Volunteer

How do I get Involved?

The first step is to download the Application. We suggest you sit in on a drill and speak with current volunteers to hear directly from them what it is like. Don’t wait for the beginning of a class or academy to begin the process. Begin today and we’ll start taking steps to get you ready for the next opening.

How big of a time commitment is this?

When you first join there is a fairly significant time commitment. Whether firefighter or EMT, there are hundreds of hours of initial training, and weekly or monthly drills, all of which you will want to complete. But most people look forward to going to drills and can’t wait to learn how to handle equipment, drive a truck, test their gear, and other similar activities. Classmates and trainers are just as excited as you are!

Will you help me go through the training and the academy?

Yes, don’t worry. Everyone wants you to succeed. Once you are committed to completing the training, we will be committed to training you to graduate. If you are worried about your age, strength or physical size — don’t be. We’ve seen people accomplish things they never thought possible. We will prepare you to handle complex situations. Working together we’ll help you to develop self confidence that you never knew existed.

How much continual training is there?

There is ongoing training, drills and testing, but these keep you keen and sharp. Training helps you always be ready to take a call without hesitation.

Firefighters WantedHow many calls am I required to go on?

Our community depends on us to respond so we ask that you go on as many calls as you can. Once you are trained and ready to go, you will want to take calls.We understand the you have certain personal or professional commitments. We will work with your schedule as best we can.

What does it cost?

Commit to give us your time, we’ll take care of the rest. The department pays for your training and your gear.

Will I be recognized?

You will look at your community a little differently, with a new sense of ownership and responsibility that will surprise you. And yes, members of the community will look at you a little differently too. Your colleagues at work and new friends at the department will respect you. Your family and friends will be extremely proud of you. The people you help on calls will be very grateful for you. Also there are department awards chosen by your peers and officers to recognize outstanding volunteers. The most compelling rewards are the most personal. You’ll understand once you’ve joined the team.

We invite you to spend some time with us!

Do you live out of district but are interested in volunteering? Check out our Out of District Volunteer Program.