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TYPE I BURN BAN LIFTED, October 25,2022



Due to the increase in fuel moisture levels and a return to more typical seasonal weather patterns, the Fire Marshal will lift the ban on outdoor burning in Island County as of 12:00 midnight tonight, October 25, 2022. 

It is important to remember that residential yard debris and land-clearing burning are permanently banned in Coupeville, Freeland, Langley, and Oak Harbor (and their urban grown areas).

All yard debris and land-clearing burning will require a permit where open burning is allowed. All written burn permits will be issued through the Island County Health Department. 

To obtain a verbal permit for residential fires less than 4 feet in diameter, call either 360-240-5526and listen to the required conditions or call Northwest Clean Air Agency at 360-428-1617, EXT 4. 

To obtain a written permit for fires over 4 feet in diameter, call 360-679-7350 (North and Central Whidbey), 360-321-5111 EXT 7350 (South Whidbey) and 360-387-3443 EXT 228 (Camano Island). 

Visit for additional permit information.

Recreational fires less than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high do not require a permit.

As always burning garbage and the use of burn barrels is illegal STATE WIDE and subject to fines than can exceed $1,000.00.

If your property falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources, please call 360-856-3500 for burn permit information.

For air quality issues call the Northwest Clean Air Agency at 360-428-1617.

May contain: soil, person, human, hardhat, clothing, helmet, and apparel
Putting out a small brush fire... it takes a lot of work!
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