Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

How do I get my free smoke detectors and batteries?
Just stop by the Freeland Station on the first Tuesday between 7:00 – 8:00 PM of the month or contact us.  Detectors will only be available while quantities last and a limited number per occupancy. We do not provide hard wired detectors or detectors to contractors or homes under construction or remodel. New building codes require all new construction to have hard wired detectors with battery backup that all alarm at the same time, which our detectors will not since they are individual battery only operated detectors.

Should I have a carbon monoxide detector in my home?
Yes, you should if you use propane or natural gas to heat your home, have a generator or attached garage.

How many smoke detectors should I have in my home?
One for each room is used for sleeping is a good rule of thumb. Plus one in each major hallway serving bedrooms.

When should smoke detectors be replaced?
If they are more than 10 years old they should be replaced.  If you are not sure how old they are, we always recommend that you replace them. Better to be on the safe side.  Also, remember to test each detector monthly to ensure they are still operational, which is the best way to discover a faulty detector.

Will you install smoke or carbon monoxide detectors?
Not at this time due to the funding limitations of this grant. You can certainly ask your neighborhood firefighters when you pick yours up if they can assist you though. Remember, we are a volunteer fire department so please understand their time constraints and be patient.

How often should I replace my batteries in my smoke detectors?
Once a year. When you change your clocks for daylight savings time in the fall is a good time.