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ICE StickerSouth Whidbey Fire/EMS is giving away red, all-weather “ICE” stickers to put on cell phones to help alert emergency personnel. For free stickers stop by the Administration office at Station 31, 5535 Cameron Road in Freeland. To learn more call (360) 321-1533.

Why ICE your cell phone?

Just about everyone carries a cell phone. Sometimes, especially with teenagers, it may be their only form of identification. Yet, if you were in an emergency would a stranger know which number to call to alert loved ones?

Members of South Whidbey Fire/EMS are urging residents to put the acronym ICE “In Case of Emergency” into their cell phones.

It’s easy to ICE your phone.

Program the letters before any of the names that first responders should notify in case of emergency such as “ICE Dad” or “ICE Joan.” You may wish to put them in order of who to contact first such as “ICE 1” or “ICE 2.”

“ICE” names and numbers should be those who know your medical history. Be sure to alert them they’ve been given “ICE” status. Remember there are no guarantees anyone will be able to call your phone, plus many phones are locked or could be damaged.

How did the ICE campaign get started?

The global campaign was actually started by a paramedic in 2005 in Great Britain after a bombing emergency. South Whidbey Fire/EMS personnel are spreading the word locally now in hopes it gains popularity.

There is no guarantee in an emergency situation that anyone, not even our highly- trained volunteers, will be able to call your cell phone. However, we encourage people to take steps to better prepare themselves for emergencies. Who knows? “ICE” could reunite loved ones, ease anxiety during a stressful event, or even help to save a life.

For more information, click to download: ICE Flyer

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