There is still time to join the 2017 Fire Academy at South Whidbey Fire/EMS. Due to the shift in positions within department staffing and additional training opportunities for Captain Jerry Helm at Central Whidbey Island Fire and Rescue, the 2017 Fire Academy will start in mid-May, rather than January.

Whidbey Island fire departments work together to conduct the annual academy. The extension of the Fire Application process allows additional time for current Fire Applicants to undergo preparatory training with the station officers. The preparatory training for the current applicants will begin in January 2017.

The extended application process is as follows:

  • February 28th = Final Due Date for Fire Application
  • March 11th = Work Capacity Test
  • March 11th – April 7th = Final Paperwork and Interviews
  • April 13th = Approval of the Commissioners

Applications may be found online here.  Contact Chief Wendy Moffatt at with questions.